Frequently Asked Questions


No, refer to your Module Section Chart and start with those Modules marked with red colour in the far-left column. Then take the yellow, and finally the green.

Yes. Always start with Lecture 1 followed by Exercise 1, Lecture 2 and Exercise 2, followed by Lecture 3 and Exercise 3.

Create a MS Word-folder for (i) – (iii), with a sub folder per Module for the Exercises.

Once you paid the Program Fee you can run through this Program’s Modules as many times as you want, during any timespan you wish.

Click the ‘Completed’ button below the ID of the Lecture when you finished the Lecture and its related Exercise (whether 1, 2 or 3). That is to register in the system, as well as to remind yourself, which submodules and/or individual Lectures you have completed before closing down that session.

Once you have finished all the Modules and Exercises you can send a request for a Diploma certifying you have covered all the Modules.